All prices are for 15,000 sq. ft. property's or smaller.  If your property is larger the 15,000 sq. ft (100 x 150) please call for pricing.  Pricing coverage area centering around Toms River - Point Pleasant to the north - Lakewood to the west -Manahawkin to the south.  For a full coverage area by zip code: click here.  We will be happy to travel out to other areas, just give us call for pricing.   

Sprinkler Start-Up / Winterization Contract

$ 129.10 USD

$10 off regular price untill March 30th

Included: Spring Start-Up; Pressurize all sprinkler lines; Test all valves and heads and make adjustments; Check and reset timer / rain sensor;

Fall Winterization; Turn off water supply; Test and winterize backflow preventer; Blow out all water from sprinkler lines with high pressure air.

*materials not included*


Fertilizer + Weed & Insect Control

$ 306 USD

$15 off regular price until March 30th

Included: Our professionals will fully customize a lawn treatment program specific to your lawn need. 5 step process including; Pre-Emergent - Weed Control - Fertilizer - PH adjusting as needed.  


BOLSTER® Plant Supplement 2x's annually; 

 4-4-4+3 % iron;  Mycorrhizal Fungi; Slow release nitrogen from aerobic compost;  Also contains secondary and tertiary plant nutrients.


Sprinkler / Lawn Care Combination Contract

$ 430.10 USD

$20 off regular price until March 30th

Includes all the services of both contracts while saving $10, with the added benefit of platinum customer status; a free soil PH sample; more coupons and discounts throught the season; automaticly entered in our BlueClaws ticket giveaway!! 


For a complete list of chemicals we use, click here. (Chemical List)  

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